The new collection “Spirited Away” from the accessory series “Mori no Pompone” has been released at the Donguri Republic and the online shop Sora no Ue store nationwide from August 7.

“Pomponner” means dressing up in French. It is a series that expresses scenes and characters of Studio Ghibli’s works in accessories as “Mori no Pompone” with the image of “Mori” by Donguri Republic.

This time, the accessory series of “Spirited Away”, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the movie’s release, is on sale. “Spirited Away Kaonashi Tassel Earrings / Clip-on Earrings” (1,980 JPY each, tax included), which expresses Kaonashi’s body with black tassel, has a unique design, but it can be used for monotone combination and everyday wear, as it features a simple and chic color, which makes the design look casual and easy to match.
Three types of earrings, clip-on earrings, and rings with the motif of the hand lamp that guided Chihiro and her friends to Zeniba’s house will also appear.

In addition, “Spirited Away Amulet Hair Elastic Unforgettable Memories” (1,540 JPY, tax included), a hair elastic inspired by the hair clips knitted by Zeniba and handed to Chihiro from the memorable last scene, is also on sale.
How about enjoying the accessory series that will make you feel related to the world of “Spirited Away”?

(C) Studio Ghibli