To celebrate “Moomin’s Day” on August 9 special events will be held all over the country. In addition, limited goods and special live broadcast programs on YouTube have also been announced.

“Moomin’s Day” is an anniversary established on August 9, 2005, dedicated to the birthday of the author Tobe Janson.
Since then, various events have been held on August 9 every year.

Special 1

■ “2021 Moomin Day Original Tote Bag” Present campaign will be held all over the country!

To commemorate Moomin Day campaigns will be held all over the country. In addition to receiving the “2021 Moomin Day Original Tote Bag”, shop-limited gifts and limited-edition merchandise will also be sold

Special 2

■ 2021 Moomin Day goods are on sale!
Various goods commemorating Moomin’s Day will be released this year as well! For a limited time, it will also be sold at the shop “Moomin Valley Shop” on the 1st floor of Kokemus in Moomin Valley Park.

“2021 Moomin’s Day Memorial Watch Walking Little My” is a walk for Little My! A specification where you can enjoy walking on the dial by drawing Little My on a disc that is used instead of the second hand. The dial is limited to 200 pieces with attention to detail, such as the phosphorescent processing that makes the Moomintroll silhouette appear in dark places.

■ Price (tax included): 29,700 JPY * Limited to 200 bottles

The art on the back of “2021 Moomin Day Memorial Watch The Friends of Moomin Valley” has been released! On the back, the designedart depicts rowing oars by the water. And when you look at the surface, you can enjoy the movement of oars, the sun, seagulls, and other things in the world view of the art over time. Limited edition of 200 pieces packed with commitment.

■ Price (tax included): 29,700 JPY * Limited to 200 bottles

The “2021 Moomin Day Memorial Necklace” is designed with a garlic wrapped in a frame like a corolla. Wearing a corolla, which is a symbol of happiness, let’s bring in the “happiness” and “smile” that Ninni regained by spending time with the Moomin family.

■ Price (tax included): 29,700 JPY

“2021 Moomin Day Drawstring Purse / Small Plate / Acrylic Tumbler” is a drawstring purse that is convenient for storing small items and cosmetics, and organizing luggage while traveling or at home. A small plate that can be used not only at the dining table but also as an accessory tray. Acrylic tumbler seems to be useful in any place such as putting small items ♪

Drawstring purse ■ Price (tax included): 880 JPY
Small plate ■ Price (tax included): 880 JPY
Acrylic tumbler ■ Price (tax included): 990 JPY

The “2021 Moomin Day T-shirt” has a simple black-based coloring that is easy to wear, and has a moderate thickness of the fabric and tape treatment from the left and right shoulder lines to the back of the neck to prevent it from losing its shape.

■ Price (tax included): 2,310 JPY

Dorayaki ( Japanese dessert with red bean filling between two slices of sweet fluffy pancakes), a traditional Yokohama Bunmeido confectionery branded with Moomin, is a limited edition product for Moomin Day. There are 3 Dorayaki with Moomin branding and 2 Dorayaki with Little My branding.

■ Price (tax included): 1,512 JPY

A stacking mug with the Moomin Day design on the front and the Moomin family on the back. Another feature of it is how it is easy to stack and store.

■ Price (tax included): 1,210 JPY

Special 3

■ Business trip “Moomin stand” opens for the first time in Moominvalley Park
There are 11 stores nationwide, and the Moomin stand, which is popular for drinking sweets “Hattifattener”. In commemoration of “Moomin’s Day”, a store in Moominvalley Park had been open for 3 days (August 7-9). There were a total of 6 types of drinks offered by the cute Moomin kitchen car. Enjoy a refreshing soda-flavored drink perfect for hot summers at Moominvalley Park.
Also, “Moomin Ice in Sea Soda” is a special drink that was on sale for one day only on August 9. The peach-flavored ice cream on top of the drink is designed to be difficult to melt, and there is no doubt that Moomin will be able to see Moomin diving into the sea of soda on SNS! Check it out and have fun!

Special 4

■ Comprehensive MC is decided by Oguri Ryo! Live delivery of special programs on YouTube live
On “2021 Moomin Day”, the online program “Moomin Valley TV” was broadcast live to Moomin fans nationwide who cannot come to Moomin Valley Park. This year’s general MC was Oguri Ryo, who is the creative director of Moominvalley Park. Enjoy a light talk unique to Oguri who is familiar with Moominvalley Park.

The theme of the program was “Connect with everyone all over the country and enjoy Moomin’s day together!”. A lot of content such as enjoying the experience as if you are at Moominvalley Park while staying at home, and information to enjoy Moominvalley Park more deeply was revealed.
In addition, information on new products related to Moomin Day will be introduced one after another! For those who watch the program, there is also a campaign to win wonderful products !? It is something you can enjoy Moomin’s day with Moomin fans all over the country.

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