The latest work of Disney Animation Studio, “Encanto”, a musical fantasy depicting the new heroine, Mirabel in the world filled with magic, will be released in winter 2021. Two new cut-scenes were released together with the announcement.

New cut-scenes show the appearance of the new heroine Mirabel . She is living happily with her family in a house with mysterious magic power at the inner part of lively Colombia in South America. All the children of the Madrigals family were blessed with a unique gift (magic power) from the house, except for the young girl Mirabel.

Each of the gifts is unique and the scene of the boy Antonio being blessed with a gift could be seen in the cut-scene. He is surrounded by various animals… and his gift is the ability to talk with animals. While the other family members are enjoying their lifes with the various gifts, why is it only Mirabel was not being blessed with one? The answer for that will be the major factor in this story.

“Encanto” is the first original musical work since 4 years after the release of “Moana” in 2017, and it will be released this winter.

Director: Byron Howard “Tangled”, “Zootopia” and Jared Bush “Zootopia”
Music: Lin-Manuel Miranda “Moana”
Distributor: Walt Disney Japan
(C) Disney. All Rights Reserve