The sneak peek for TV anime “Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure!” episode 22 titled “A Secret Grand Adventure! Find the Mermaid’s Treasure!” has been revealed. The image art for episode 22 was also released, and this was full of energy suitable for lodging of girls.

It is the first day of Tropical Club’s camp. They enjoy the day at Minamino Island being moved by the beach recommended by Manatsu. Moreover, Asuka proposes to “do something unique to camping” and they begin to learn about the history of the island…

Manatsu and others meet the elder of the island called Gramma Tomi, and learns about the cave locates on the northern shore of the island. It is said that the treasure of the mermaids are hidden in the cave.
They begin to search the cave but Rola is lost on the way. They also meet Numeri, who also looks for the treasure!

The sneak peek depicts Manatsu and others looking for the treasure. Can they find the treasure at the end?

The image art of episode 22 is designed by the design director Itaoka Nishiki, and is full of energetic girls in swimsuits.

Episode 22 was released on Sunday, August 1, 2021.

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