“Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure” will collaborate with “Spa Resort Hawaiians” in Iwaki, Fukishima Pref. The world of “Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure” can be enjoyed inside the institution.

This even “Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure Poolland in Hawaiians” changes the outdoor spa “Spa Garden Paleo” (5,000 squared meters) into the world of “seaside town in the southern hemisphere”.

“Sango’s Cosme Corner”, which the visitor can enjoy make-ups, “Kira Kira Photo Spot” to take photos with real-size photos, and “Gran Ocean Kira Kira Tower”, which shoots out water from the top of the tower with Pretty Cures on it, will be placed. This experience will be provided through the time with Pretty Cures.

“Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure Poolland in Hawaiians” will b held from July 22 to August 24, 2021 at “Spa Resort Hawaiians” on Iwaki, Fukushima Pref.
Detailed information is on the special website.