“When They Cry: Mei,” a smartphone game based on the “When They Cry” series, has been holding a new event called “Random Bunnies” from July 11, 2021. It will feature two new characters, Sonozaki Mion and Sonozaki Shion in their “bunny girl” outfits in gacha.

“When They Cry: Mei” is a game app based on “When They Cry: Go” and “When They Cry: Sotsu”.
The scenario in the game is a completely new story developed with the cooperation of the original author, Ryuukishi07.

In the new event “Random Bunnies”, by clearing event quests, you will be able to get reinforcement materials, event-limited stamps, and enjoy the event-limited scenario.
Watch out for the pick-up gacha, which will feature new limited SSR cards, “SSR [Pell-Mell Bunny] Sonozaki Mion” and “SSR [Fluffy Bunny] Sonozaki Shion.”

“When They Cry: Mei” is distributed now for iOS and Android.

(C) 2020 Ryuukishi07 / When They Cry Production Committee
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