From “Higurashi When They Cry”, the first-ever items inspired by Ryugu Rena and Furude Rika have been released. Pre-orders are available on the “SuperGroupies” official website.

The items released under this collaboration are a total of 6 varieties, which are a watch, bag, and wallet, featuring “Ryugu Rena Model” and “Furude Rika Model” respectively.

“Ryugu Rena Model” has a design filled with Rena’s characteristics, including a chain or a hatchet charm inspired by the scene where “Rena visits Keiichi’s house”. The backpack can hold A4 documents, which makes it not only “Kaaii (Cute)” but also practical.

“Furude Rika Model” will allow you to be with Rika, who keeps moving on despite a tragedy coming one after another, including a watch, recreating “the world of Kakera (Pieces)” on its clock face and “bloodstain” on the 6 o’clock index to represent an incident occurring successively.

Pre-orders for “Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou” collaboration items are available on “SuperGroupies” official website until noon on July 26, 2021. Please check out the special page for more details.

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