As “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”‘s “Room Item Project”, “Bedding Set”, “Sweatshirt”, “Sweatpants”, “Cushion Cover”, “Tissue Box Cover”, “Tray”, and “Stacking Mug” have been released. Pre-orders are available on “Bandai Fashion Collection”, the character fashion website by Bandai.

“Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”‘s “Room Item Project is characterized by the black and white design, with black base material with a white “Z.A.F.T. Mark” or “Z.A.F.T.”. The chic and smart overall design and the stylish “Z.A.F.T. Mark” make the items look just like designer products.

The lineup consists of a total of 7 items, which are “Bedding Set”, “Sweatshirt”, “Sweatpants”, “Cushion Cover”, “Tissue Box Cover”, “Tray”, and “Stacking Mug”. Please enjoy incorporating “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” into your room, choosing anything you want from bedding items, room wear, general goods, and everyday items.

Including tax but excluding shipping and handling fee, “Bedding Set” is priced at 8,800 JPY, “Sweatshirt” at 7,150 JPY, “Sweatpants” at 6,600 JPY, “Cushion Cover” at 3,520 JPY, “Tissue Box Cover” at 3,300 JPY, “Tray” at 2,750 JPY, and “Stacking Mug” at 2,420 JPY. Pre-orders are available on “Bandai Fashion Collection” until 11:00 p.m. on July 27, and the delivery is scheduled for September.

(C)Sotsu, Sunrise