‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season2’ releases new goods featuring Kitasan Black and Satono Diamond. Pre-orders are currently available on Chara-Ani.com and other online stores.

The item lineup includes four types of products: a B2-size tapestry, sports towel, file folder, and a rubber playmat. The design features a heartwarming illustration with Kitasan Black singing and Satono Diamond holding her arm.

‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season2’ goods are available on Chara-Ani.com and other character goods stores nationwide. The prices are ¥3,300 for B2-size Tapestry, ¥3,300 for Sports Towel, ¥400 for File Folder, and ¥3,300 for Rubber Playmat, all tax-included. The release date is planned for September 2021.

(C)2021 Anime ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season2’ Production Committee