The theme song of the 2nd battle season of “Hypnosis Mic”, known as <2nd D.R.B> is “Glory or Dust”. And the music video of that theme song, called “Hypnosis Mic -Glory or Dust- D.D.B EDITION” has been released.

This MV is the first live-action MV of “Hypnosis Mic”. It featured the members of “Division Dance Battle” (hereafter, known as D.D.B), which are the back dancers of the concert featuring the voice actors of Hypnosis Mic as well as the stage adaptation. The choreography was also created by them.
Originally, the MV of this song was released with the 3D models of the divisions’ members and the motion actors for the 3D models are the D.D.B.

The MV “Hypnosis Mic -Glory or Dust- D.D.B EDITION” is a dance performance that featured the D.D.B. visit the famous that symbolize each divisions as well as showing the hand sign and movement that expressed the uniqueness of each character.

Also, it was decided that the live “Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- 7th LIVE “, featuring the cast members of “Hypnosis Mic”, on August 7 and August 8 at Pia Arena MM.
The last chorus of this dance MV features a choreography that can be imitated during the concert, so please practice on the choreography and show it during the live.