The event “Shichi-gatsu Nanoka no Yakaigoto ~Hama to Bukuro no Hoshi Matsuri~” (lit. July 7’s Troublesome Situation ~The Star Festival of Yokohama and Ikebukuro) has started on July 5, on the smartphone application game “Hypnosis Mic: Alternative Rap Battle”.

“Shichi-gatsu Nanoka no Yakaigoto ~Hama to Bukuro no Hoshi Matsuri~” is an event that depicts the Tanabata (Star Festival) of Yokohama division.
The second-in-command of the Katen Family, Samatoki is putting his effort in managing the event, but he keeps getting involved in various troubles at the site. When he was depressed as the success of the festival is close to 0, Jiro and Saburo, who came as there is a request to the Odd-Jobs, are their saviors…!?

During the event, you will be able to get some amazing reward by collecting the event points and event items while playing the applicable songs. By collecting the events points, you will be able to read the original event story, and the event items will allow you to get the “SSR Samatoki Aohitsugi” (Lit. SSR Samatoki Aohitsugi).

“SSR Samatoki Aohitsugi” can be obtained by rolling the “Shichi-gatsu Nanoka no Yakaigoto ~Hama to Bukuro no Hoshi Matsuri~ Event Reward BOX G Collect” by using the event ticket (red).

By assembling your deck with the characters that provide a bonus from the “Shichi-gatsu Nanoka no Yakaigoto ~Hama to Bukuro no Hoshi Matsuri~ G Collect”, which is also currently being held, it will help you a lot in this event.
The characters that provide the bonus are “SSR Yamada Jiro” (lit. SSR Yamada Jiro) and “SSR Yamada Saburo” (lit. SSR Yamada Saburo), and they are added to the lineup of the event limited G Collect.

Other than that, the “July Yokohama G Collect” and “Amaguni Hitoya Birthday Event” , and other events, where you can obtain the trio from MAD TRIGGER CREW, including “SSR Samatoki Aohitsugi”, are currently being held.
Detailed information on each event is available on the official website.

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