The outline and sneak peek of the TV anime “Scarlet Nexus” (Broadcast date: July 1, 2021) have been released.

“Scarlet Nexus” is a TV anime, based on the new “Brainpunk Action RPG” game with the same name by Bandai Namco Entertainment, produced by Sunrise known for the “Gundam” series.
The setting takes place in the solar calendar of 2020, where most people are born with “psionic” ability, where they can use their thoughts and consciousness on the outer world.
It depicts the involvement of Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall, members of “Other Suppression Force”, in the unavoidable fate. “Other Suppression Force” is an organization that consists of particular strong “Psionic” as they defeat the grotesque organisms, “Others” that came from the stratosphere.

The title of episode 1 is “Scarlet Psionics”.
Yuito and Nagi are in high spirit on the day they enrolled into the “Other Suppression Force”, but Kasane is concerned about the weird dream that she sees frequently.
On their enrollment date, Others appear in the town, and a young girl is exposed to danger. Yuito was ordered to standby, but…

The broadcast date of episode 1 “Scarlet Psionics” of the TV anime “Scarlet Nexus” is July 1, 2021 (Thursday), on TOKYO MX and other channels.

(C) BNEI/ Sunrise