March 9 a Thanksgiving Day.

It was established thanks to the pun “Sun (3) Cue (9)” (Thank you). There are several days of thanksgiving for relatives such as “Father’s Day” and “Mother’s Day”, but as you go through your life, you meet many people and events that you want to thank in various ways. It seems that it was established as a day to think about things you are grateful to.

This time, dedicated to “Thanksgiving Day” on March 9, we at Anime! Anime!, under the theme “Let’s shout our ‘thanks’ to anime!”, collected fans votes in 6 categories: “About TV Anime!”, “About Animated Movie”, “About Characters”, “About Theme Songs”, “About Voice Actors”, “Other”.

According to the surevy conducted from February 16 to March 1, the male-female ratio was about 17% for males and about 83% for females. The age group was mainly young, with about 51% in their teens and about 31% in their 20s.

[About TV Anime]
Many people thanked anime titles currently being broadcast, such as “Horimiya,” “Bungo Stray Dogs,” “Haikyu !!,” and “K-ON!”, saying “I was able to grow up” and “I made friends”.
We also received comments regarding the anime industry, which is changing due to the self-restraint mood to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

Comments are below.

● “‘Horimiya’ is the best! I’m happy to meet Miyamura-kun! I want to do my best from now on. I’m looking forward to the future story development because the anime has just started! (14 years old, female, student)

● “I grew up learning the important emotions to live from ‘Haikyu!!'”. (17 years old, female, student)

● “So many anime titles were released amid the corona wreck. Thanks to them, I always have an energy. Thanks to all the staff involved in the production. I will continue to support you.” (29) Year old / female)

● “I’ve been studying online at home when the school was closed due to novel coronavirus, so I was left alone with subjects I am not good at, and since I do not understand them, and when I get frustrated, but when I play anime when I watch it, my irritation disappeared in an instant, and my heart was full of joy! In an instant, I was able to smile! Also, I was just addicted to anime at that time, so I am grateful to the anime at that time. It will never be forgotten!” (14 years old, female)

“About Animated Movies”
Many grateful comments for movies released last year, including “Violet Evergarden” and “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train”, and collaborations that are performed in conjunction with movie releases, saying “It was wonderful to watch that movie” were received.
Others said that they learned the importance of “cooperating with friends” by watching animated movies.

Comments are below.

● “Thank you for all the joy of ‘Violet Evergarden’. I cried 5 minutes after the beginning. My rough heart was broken.” (18 years old, female)

● “Last year, around this time, I was crazy about” Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi-Proposal”. Originally it was not a movie, but more an event screening, it was screened at movie theaters nationwide like a normal movie, and I enjoyed it almost every day with many co-projects such as collaboration hotels and collaboration cafes. I was very happy to be able to see not only the main couple but also my favorite couples on the screen. Of course, I also bought a disk, so when I watch it at home, I am immersed in the work itseld and memories. Thank you so much for the wonderful screening event! (34 years old, female)

● “I was screaming in my heart while I’m watching.”

● “I learned that it is better to work with my colleagues instead of doing something alone.” (19 years old, female, student)

“About Characters”
We received many readers’ comments thanking characters. There were various voices from those who fell in love in the character’s way of life or behavior, those who healed, and those who were saved by their remarks.

Some comments are below

● Thank you Daidouji Tomoyo from “Cardcaptor Sakura”. Thank you for being so cute. Thank you for my daughter-in-law. (19 years old, male, factory worker)

● “Gojo Satoru is too handsome and energetic!” (23 years old, female, graduate student)

● Higurashi Towa-san from “Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon “. I love the way he hard work, cares for his beloved while struggling of living in modern times. I fell in love with him. I’ll support you in the future! Thank you!” (29 years old, female)

● “I’m happy just because you’re alive. And I won’t betray the second dimension. Thank you.” (23 years old, female)

“About Theme Song”
Regarding the theme song, some readers said, “It always gives me an energy””, and “I’m doing my best thanks to the anime song!”. Someone said, “The power of anime songs is great,” and I feel the power of music again”.

Comments are below

● “Haikyu’s ‘Imagination’ always makes me feel good!” (23 years old, female, graduate student)

● “In ‘Rei-ZERO’ (Theme song of ‘Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer’) Furuya-san’s feelings are tightly packed in the lyrics, and I love this song. Fukuyama-san’s voice is also the best. When I hear it, I think I’ll do my best in nowadays Japan as well. Thank you.” (18 years old, female)

● “It gives me strength on the day when my loved one died and I was depressed. The power of anime songs is great.” (12 years old, female)

“I’m doing my best thanks to anime songs!” (16 years old, female, student)

“About Voice Actors”
Grateful comments of voice actors were also received, “Thank you for giving the character a life”, and “I feel like I supported from behind.”

Comments are below

● “I was exhausted because I had a job even during the corona pandemic, but Nogami Shou-san gave me energy” (19 years old, female)

● “In the morning of my research class, I happened to hear on the radio of my grandfather’s car my favorite Suzumura Kenichi. I was almost crushed by anxiety, but I was healed by Suzumura-san’s voice. I feel like he supported me. Thank you very much.” (21 years old, female, university student)

● “Okamoto Nobuhiko-san’s face and voice always give me a power! Thank you always!!” (30 years old, female)

● “Thank you for giving characters life. I can’t get your voice out of my head! Thank you for always delivering wonderful works.” (14 years old, female, junior high school student)

Other comments were related to the anime industry, games, etc. As the status of self-restraint by preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus continues, we received gratitudes for the environment in which fans can still enjoy the work.

Comments are below

● “I am really grateful to all the people involved in the anime production! Thanks to anime, everyone can have fun watching it! It makes me smile! Even if I refrain from going out due to the influence of coronavirus, I have something to enjoy every day. I’m really thankful for an anime! Thank you very much!!” (14 years old, female)

● “When I had a Tamagotchi DS software that I used to do a lot, and everytime I felt like I was back in my hometown.” (22 years old, female)

● “Thank you to everyone involved in anime and manga industries, including manga creators and anime directors!” (12 years old, female, student)


So far, we have introduced some of the comments received from the six categories.

This time, various opinions were received, mainly from teenagers. It may be fun to look back on the feelings of gratitude for the anime that readers have felt or always thought about on “Thanksgiving Day”.

Thank you for your many applications!

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