From “Yuru Camp △ SEASON2 (Laid-Back Camp△ SEASON2)”, the “duck stock noodle” is released. The orders haves started from June 23, 2021 at “Asuanro-sha Official Online Shop”.

“Duck stock noodle” is the recreation of an instant bag noodle that Shima Rin used to cook “duck stock nameko mushroom noodle” at the camping in Shizuoka on the New Year’s Eveday before the New Year’s Day.

In the anime episode, in addition to the noodle and nameko mushrooms, the green onion, sea weed, a white flesh fish fries, and egg have been added to the cup together with noodles, and she enjoyed eating it to feel the New Year’s Day atmosphere.

The scene cuts from “Yuru Camp △ SEASON2” have been used for the package.

“Yuru Camp △ SEASON2 Duck Stock Noodle” is priced at 378 JPY (tax included). The sale has started from June 23, 2021 at “Asunarosha Official Online Shop” and other stores.

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