The stage adaptation of the popular work from the creator group CLAMP that has over 13 million copies in circulation, “xxxHOLiC” has been decided. The visual has been released together with the announcement of the cast members.

“xxxHOLiC” is a popular work that is serialized on Young Magazine and has gotten various media mix developments, including a TV animation, animation film, and live-action drama. The stage play of the theatrical style “xxxHOLiC” will deliver the beautiful and aesthetic world using only males.

Also, it was decided that the cast members are Ota Motohiro and Sakamoto Shougo. Ota will be playing as the bewitching female that runs a wish granting shop, Ichihara Yuuko while Sakamoto will be playing as the high school boy that has a trait liked by “Ayakashi”, Watanuki Kimihiro.

This dark fantasy depicting an abnormal life will be directed by Matsuzaki Fumiya (MANKAI STAGE “A3!” Series, “Tekkon Kinkreet”, and “Mouryou no Hako”), and the script is written by Hata Masafumi (“Tekkon Kinkreet”, and “Mouryou no Hako”).

Theatrical style “xxxHOLiC” will start in fall 2021.

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