The newest original Minion animation series “Saturday Morning Minions” has started streaming today. It is available for viewing on Illumination Entertainment’s Official Youtube Channel and other social media sites from June 12th.

The studio behind the Minions franchise, Illumination Entertainment, is also known for titles such as “Despicable Me”, “The Secret Life of Pets”, “Sing”, and “The Grinch”. The studio is currently producing the upcoming feature length animation “Minions: The Rise of Gru” which will be hitting theaters on 2022.

“Saturday Morning Minions” brings a new dose the the familiar and energetic troublemakers. The series will be packed with plenty of entertaining episodes with adventures of the delightful minions, making it the perfect way to kick off exciting weekends .

“Saturday Morning Minions” is available on Illumination’s Official Youtube Channel and other Social Media platforms from Jun.12, 2021.