This summer, game makers Sumzap, Drecom, and Bushiroad will launch a full-scale media mix project as a joint project of the three companies. This is the work “D_CIDE TRAUMEREI”.

Takagaki Yoshiaki of Sumzap, Tabuchi Hiroki of BlasTrain, a group company of Drecom, and Nakayama Masahiro of Bushiroad took the stage at the announcement of the new project, which was broadcast live on the official Bushiroad YouTube channel on March 16. Matsuzawa Chiaki Matsuzawa was in charge of moderating the event.

Suganuma Hisayoshi, Sakura Kaoru, Azegami Yohei, Itou Ayasa, Kouno Marika, and official cosplayers Enako and Shinozaki Kokoro appeared as guests from the project and announced the game development and TV anime project that will start together this summer.

A story of “nightmares” starting from a bizarre incident
The first thing that was shown on the screen was the PV of the project.
It depicted a refreshing summer scenery, boys and girls observing celestial bodies, and calm, uneventful days ……. It’s a nostalgic and relaxing scene.

But the next moment, the situation changes dramatically: a TV broadcast announcing the discovery of a headless corpse in a bamboo grove, what looks like an execution tool covered in blood, and a huge, glaring shadow appears!

The keywords of this film are “Cthulhu Mythos” and “Nostalgia”.

The story follows the fate of “Weird”, a being who sold his soul to an evil god to escape his troubles and became a demon, and “Knocker Up”, a group of people who fight Weird because they have awakened the power to destroy nightmares.

Incidentally, “knocker-up” is a profession that existed in Europe during the Industrial Revolution, and refers to a person who makes wake-up calls.
The name was chosen because it fits the main characters of the game.

The following is a synopsis of the game version and the anime version.

Synopsis of the game version
Crush the nightmare “Weird” that invades reality!

The blue ocean and untouched nature of Yura Island.
In the midst of his school life, Furukata Rando, a high school student at Wadatsumi Gakuen, becomes involved in a horrific and unusual case involving a strange death.

Then, Rando is chosen as a “knocker-up”, a person who travels between the world of dreams and reality, and enters a nightmare that he will never be awakened from……
(Synopsis of the anime version)
The story takes place in Shibuya.

When he was in elementary school, his older brother was a kind and admired figure. After witnessing his brother’s mysterious death, Ryuhei is now a lively high school student who doesn’t seem to feel the nightmare around him.
One day, while kickboxing, he is bitten by a mysterious creature, Tris, and has an unusual dream.

As the rumored drop flies through the darkness, he confronts his twisted desires.
What does he see beyond that? ……
As the story unfolds from the same worldview, the characters from the game version and the anime version will appear in both stories. I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Project theme by “Tokyo Incidents”.
Up-and-coming illustrator Kukka is in charge of the character design for this game.
His nostalgic view of the world is very fantastic, and he has released an art book in October 2020.

The story and character concept design was done by Satomi Tadashi, known for his work on “Persona: The Goddess of Mystery” and “Caligula”.
He has been working on a deep worldview and a theme without good and evil, and was chosen for this project because his work is a perfect match.

Tokyo Jihen was in charge of the project’s theme song, “Beast’s Reason”. The production team on stage praised the song, saying that it fit the image of the work.

It was also announced that “Gunsei Hiwa”, “Killer Tune”, “Shinsei Ningen”, “Senko Shoujo”, “Sora ga Narutteiru”, “Ochitsu”, and “Shuraba”, all sung by Tokyo Incidents, would be used as insert songs in the game.

A beautiful rose has a thorn in its side: ……. Characters that look peculiar
The main cast of the game version had already recorded the first half of the game, and the main cast of the anime version had already finished recording all the episodes, so they told us about the characters they were in charge of.

The main character of the game version, Furukata Rando, played by Suganuma Hisayoshi, is a second-year high school student with a timid personality. When he meets “Tenkai Eru”, who will be introduced next, he awakens into a knocker-upper and gets involved in the battle against Weird.

Suganuma Hisayoshi said that he feels sympathy for this character because he is the same type of person. He says that although he is timid, he is a boy who can take a step forward for his friends.

Tenkai Eru, played by Sakura Kaoru, is a cool and clever expert who has been fighting as a knocker-upper since before the story began.
She is a second-year high school student who has transferred to Wadatsumi Academy, and in real life she is noticeably naive and goofy.

According to Sakura Kaoru, this character is the type of person who will go it alone to reach their goals. She says that she threw herself into battle for a reason. ……?

The other characters are also full of personalities.
According to Suganuma Hisayoshi, the female characters are mainly of the “beautiful roses that have thorns” type and will hurt you if you treat them in a carefree mood.

The game is said to be a turn-based command battle, with the adventure part advancing the story. We look forward to the announcement of other systems in the future.
Pre-orders are currently underway.

The main character of the anime version is Oda Ryuhei, played by Azagami Yohei.
He is a second-year student at a high school in Tokyo, with a strong sense of justice, and his body takes action before his thoughts.

According to Azegami Yohei, this character is a martial artist, but surprisingly, he thinks things through. The character’s appearance and the gap between his appearance and his inner self are appealing.

Mouri Reina, played by Itou Ayasa, is a second-year student at a high school in Tokyo.
She is a so-called “gal” and an influencer with tens of thousands of followers on the popular SNS “Kawasuta”.

About this character, Itou Ayasa says that she is a “surprisingly solid person” who fights to protect everyone. In the future, she wants to become a manicurist.

The special weapons handled by Knocker Up are the embodiment of their owners’ identities. For this reason, Mouri Reina’s weapon is also based on a nail polish motif, and is decorated with a nail polish bottle.

Ibusaki Eri, played by Kouno Marika, is a cool and serious second-year student at a high school in Tokyo. She has excellent grades and her father is an executive of the National Police Agency.

According to Kouno Marika, Ibusaki Eri is a character who grew up in a strict family and has lived her life by suppressing herself.
This work is about her inner problems, social issues, and the “can this really be broadcast?” aspect, so we can expect a dramatic story.

In addition, there will be more mysterious characters in the film.
The main visual also depicts a whale flying in the sky of Shibuya, so this is a work to keep an eye on along with its world view.

(C) D_CIDE TRAUMEREI PROJECT / DCTM Production Committee