The movie “Knights of Sidonia the Movie; The Star Where Love is Spun” has released on June 4.

This series is finally completing after 7 years since the first release of the TV anime series in 2014. Let’s review the story up to this point before watching the final movie.

What is “Knights of Sidonia”?
“Knights of Sidonia” is a science fiction manga by Nihei Tsutomu, which was serialized in “Monthly Afternoon” from 2009 to 2015.
The story is set in the universe 1,000 years later, where the solar system was destroyed by the mysterious existence called “Gauna”. The humans survived the attack travel throughout the galaxy with the spaceship Sidonia.
People evolved that they can photosynthesis to save food, and they can even change their sexuality. The unique perspective on humans became a hot topic.

Season 1 of the TV anime was produced by Polygon Pictures in 2014 and the season 2 titled “Knights of Sidonia: The Battle for Planet Nine” was released in 2015. The original word view of both seasons was beautifully visualized with 3DCG dynamic action and HD sound.

The battles for human survival and love triangle
It is set in the future where the solar system was destroyed by the mysterious giants called “Gauna” 1000 years ago. People who survived the invasion made the housing inside the spaceship Sidonia and they bred quietly inside to make descendants.

A boy Tanikaze Nagate, who lived in the underground of Sidonia since he was born, is arrested for stealing rice after losing all his food.
Since that day, Tanikaze is under the supervision of Sidonia’s captain Kobayashi and eventually becomes the pilot for the gigantic weapon called Morito as the talented driver. He begins to protect Sidonia in from Gauna.

People in Sidonia can produce energy through photosynthesis and can choose their sexuality depending on their partner, but only Tanikaze only needs to eat food every day to survive. The love triangle between by Shinatose Izana and Hoshijiro Suzuka, who are both non-male and non-female who care a lot about Tanikaze, and the relationship with the rival Kunato Norio and others are well depicted in the series.

The abnormal love of Tsumugi and Tanikaze is depicted in “The Battle for Planet Nine”
While there are many casualties under the battle with Gaunas, Tanikaze’s friend Hoshijiro Suzuka dies in action. Tanikaze becomes the ace of the Morito pilots under the severe training motivated by great sadness of her death.

The battles with Gauna gets even more fierce and captain Kobayashi decides to go to Planet Nine to eliminate the main base of Gauna. In front of Tanikaze, who struggles to defeat the new Gauna, Shiraui Tsumugi, who combined Hoshijiro and the part of Gauna, appears and saves Tanikaze.

Tsumugi is a giant with 15-meter in height and owns human-like emotions. She lives together with Tanikaze inside Sidonia by changing the few of her small tentacles, and love begins to born between Tanikaze and Tsumiugi. As the spaceship becomes closer to Planet Nine, the battles become fierce and fierce. Tanikaze, Tsumugi, and others are now fighting with the last enemy Benisuzume for the possibility of human survival.

What will happen to human survival and the distant love of 15-meters?
The movie “Knights of Sidonia the Movie; The Star Where Love is Spun” is set in the world 10 years after the battle of Planet Nine. Tanikaze and Tsumugi are enjoying temporary peace. However, the eternal peace would never arrive until all Gauna are destroyed. Captain Kobayashi decides to go on the final warfare with Gauna. The final battle for human survival and the ending for Tanikaze and Tsumugi’s love, which has 15-meters of difference in their height, will be shown.

What kind of finale will arrive to this large-scale story? And would Tanikaze and Tsumugi’s love will be complete? This movie has a lot of things to see.