The 2nd collaboration items between “My Neighbor Totoro” and the umbrella maker for the Imperial household “Maehara Kouei Shoten” have been announced. The items are “Totoro’s Umbrella -Folding Umbrella-” and “Satsuki’s Umbrella -Folding Umbrella-“.

“Totoro’s Umbrella -Folding Umbrella-” is based on the popular “Totoro’s Parasol” in navy blue color while the scarlet “Satsuki’s Umbrella -Folded-” is inspired by the umbrella of Satsuki when she encountered Totoro at the bus stop.
A stitched ornament of “Totoro’s Illustration”, expressed in lines by the Jacquard machine, is available on the fabric of each product.

The model of both product is the “Double Folding Umbrella” that was mainly used during the time setting of “My Neighbor Totoro”.
The “Double Folding Umbrella” of Maehara Kouei Shoten has a higher wind and storm resistance when compare to the triple folding umbrella “Mini Umbrella”, and its specialty is the depiction of the perfect arch when opening the umbrella. Along with the handle made from “Styracaceae”, this product gives off a luxury and elegant feel that you can use for a lifetime.

Also, one of the woven fabric, “Satin Weave” was used on the fabric of the “Totoro’s Umbrella” series, so that you will be able to feel the luxury of the best umbrella fabric.
Along with the “navy blue” in the “Totoro’s Umbrella -Folding Umbrella-“, the lineup also includes the “Satsuki’s Umbrella -Folding Umbrella-” in the “Scarlet Red” variation that the craftsman created in fixation based on the colour of the umbrella that she gave to Totoro in the film.

The price for “Satsuki’s Umbrella -Folding Umbrella-” and “Totoro’s Umbrella -Folding Umbrella-” is 15,400 JPY each (tax included). It has been available on the online shop “Tokyo Giga Shop” on May 27, 2021.

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