A members-only online community of Yasuhiko Yoshikazu, known for “Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin” and the designs of characters of “Mobile Suit Gundam”, titled “Yasuhiko Yoshikazu Lab” is opened. Members' exclusive blogs and e-zines, events with guests, and collaboration events created by Yasuhiko and the members are planned.

Yasuhiko Yoshikazu has worked on the character designs of “Mobile Suit Gundam” and was the general director of “Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin” which original manga was written by himself. Not only is he a renowned manga writer with various works such as “Arion”, “Namuji”, and “Oudou no Inu” under his belt, but he also has written hardboiled novels such as “Drue Shouden”.

“Yasuhiko Yoshikazu Lab” is opened for a limited time by the creators & management team “TEAM Zenrin Kudou(Higa from ATP Co. Ltd as chief)” to recreate the works of Yasuhiko in the modern age.
They are collecting, classifying, analyzing, and re-evaluating the works by Yasuhiko for the community members to create new reboots and collaborations. They have started their activities on the CAMPFIRE community from Feb. 25, 2020.

“Yasuhiko Yoshikazu Lab” has a members-only web space for members to communicate with each other and has various projects in process.
Including the members-only blogs, e-zines, and events, they will also bring famous people such as voice actors Furuya Tooru and Ginga Banjou, who are related to Yasuhiko's works, as “Special Researchers” to talk about their passion for the works as a project of “Yasuhiko Yoshikazu Lab”.

Furthermore, as the first collaboration between Yasuhiko and the members, an audiobook of “Drue Shouden” is being created. The voice cast of the main story will be the voice actors from Aoni Production Co.Ltd. and the messages from Yasuhiko will be read by Ginga Banjou.