The official making book “GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE official making book” has been announced. This book will contain the production project “GUNDAMGLOBAL CHALLENGE” for the life-sized “moving Gundam” that is displayed on “GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA” in Yamashita Futou, Yokohama. Pre-orders are available on “Premium Bandai” and other websites from May 20.

“GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE official making book” is an official making book that contains the production process of the “moving Gundam” from planning until its movement at Yamashita Futou, Yokohama.
The book will fill with information that can’t be found elsewhere, such as the interviews and explanations by the father of the “Gundam” series, director Tomino Yoshiyuki and the production staff. The special bonus for this hard-covered thick magazine is the setting book that contains the setting arts and designs of the “moving Gundam”, gravure photos, and others.
This gorgeous specification that will include a plastic case will let you have a glance at the trajectory of the “GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE”, so this is a book that “Gundam” fans can’t miss.

The price for “GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE official making book” is 8,800 JPY (tax included). The pre-orders period is until August 1, and the release is scheduled for September 22.
This book will be available at Premium Bandai,, Akai Kuma-san, HMV & BOOKS online, HMV stores, Yodobashi Camera, BOOKS Nakada, Rakuten Books, Animate Online Shop, Yamada Denki (certain stores only), Ami Ami Online Shop, and other stores.

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