The first art book by the background production company Bamboo, which includes the scenes from “Sword Art Online”, “Ghost in the Shell: ARISE”, and “SHIROBAKO”, has been announced. It will be released on May 21, 2021 with the title, “Bamboo Background Collection”.

“Bamboo Background Collection” contains approximately 500 background images from various genres from a slice of life to a scientific fantasy. It consists all records of 15 years of Baboo’s history until today.

In parts 1, 12 works with standard background designs will be introduced. The difference between the works can be enjoyed with colorings and contrasts.
In parts 2, 6 background designs uniquely produced for each anime, including the ones with watercolor and ink paintings. Multiple designs can be enjoyed through various strengths in touch and the techniques used for layering.

Other than ones introduced, the original works, the making process of the former works, interviews, the important point of making art are all included in the book. A fantastic book will be available for those who want to enjoy various type of art and merge yourself into the multiple world.

“Bamboo Background Collection” will be on sale from May 21 for 3,200 JPY (tax excluded).