From the “Evangelion” series comes a book supervised by director Anno Hideaki, “Neon Genesis Evangelion The Movie Original Art Book Highlights”, scheduled to be released on April 23, 2021.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion The Movie Original Art Book Highlights” is a book highlighting the hand-drawn original artworks from the previously published original art collection series that includes “DEATH” and “Air” from “The End of Evangelion”.
This is a special summary edition that also includes newly discovered original drawings in full color.

Director Anno commented on the publication of this book, “I hope you will enjoy the screen composition, density, information, and techniques in this collection of original drawings in the pure state of ‘line drawings’, with an awareness of the large screen and horizontal size rather than the size of a TV monitor.”
After seeing “Rebuild of Evangelion”, the final chapter of the 25-year-long series, why not pick up this book and look back at the “The End of Evangelion”?

“Neon Genesis Evangelion The Movie Original Art Book Highlights” will be released on April 23, 2021 for 3,500 JPY (tax excluded).

Main contents of the book
From the animation film ‘DEATH’ from ‘DEATH & REBIRTH’ released in 1997, it includes scenes drawn for the film and scenes with additions such as Ayanami Rei. Also included are original drawings from “Air” from “The End of Evangelion,” featuring the revived Unit-02 facing off against the powerful Strategic Self-Defense Force, as well as scenes from the latter half of “Magokoro Wo Kimi Ni,” depicting the gigantic Rei and the “heart instrumentality” that occurs on a global scale.
Layouts (rough illustrations showing the screen composition including the background) of the most impressive scenes are also included.
Unlike the TV series, the original drawings of the dense film are of a much higher level, allowing the reader to enjoy not only the details of the screen composition and drawing, but also the dramatic layout that only a movie can offer.
This special highlights edition also includes newly discovered color original art in full color and replacements.

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