‘Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia’, an Academy Awards accredited and the largest Asian international film festival, has revealed the names of the judges for its Computer Graphics Animation Competition Best Short Award. Tomoe Shinohara (designer/artist), Ken Ochiai (movie director/Digital Hollywood University associate professor), and Tomoyuki Sugiyama (president of Digital Hollywood University/Doctor of Engineering) will take the roles.

‘SSFF & ASIA’ and Digital Hollywood Inc. co-host the 2021 Computer Graphics Animation awards as well as the previous years.
This year, there have been applications from 773 films from 73 countries in the world for the Computer Graphics Animation awards. Shinohara, Ochiai, and Sugiyama will be in charge of choosing the winner for the CG Animation Competition Best Short Award.

‘SSFF & ASIA 2021’ will be held at several locations in Tokyo from June 11 to June 21 (the online event will be held from April 27 to June 30). The Computer Graphics Animation Program starting on June 11 will have the 28 nominee films, as well as the special screening of ‘YES-PEOPLE’, a 93rd Academy Award-nominated film, and ‘ADARNIA: A sci-fi short film’ an award-winning film of the Best CG Animation Award at Digital Frontier Grand-Prix.
Visit the ‘SSFF & ASIA’ official website for further details.

[Original Article from: animeanime.biz]