To commemorate the release of “Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet”, the 18th film “Detective Conan: The Sniper from Another Dimension” will be broadcast on “Kinyoubi Road Show (Friday’s Road Show)” on April 16, 2021. Let’s review the highlights of this film!

The sniping accidents by an unknown sniper are occurring continuously!
The film “Detective Conan: The Sniper from Another Dimension” is the 18th film under the “Detective Conan” film series and was created to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original work. This film will feature the key person of the latest film, Akai Shuuichi’s younger sister, Sera Masumi, and the mysterious university student, Okiya Subaru, who is freeloading at Kudou’s house.

The female high school girl detective, Sera, who is chasing after a guy that might be connected to the continuous sniping accident by a skilled sniper, is approaching the truth of this case together with Conan. However, behind-the-scene, the FBI was also secretly involved in this huge conspiracy…

This is the first appearance of the key person of the latest film, “Akai Shuuichi’s” younger sister, Sera Masumi, and the mysterious university student, Okiya Subaru.
“Detective Conan: The Sniper from Another Dimension” will feature the first appearance of the key person of the original work, such as the female high school girl detective Sera Masumi and Okiya Subaru. This work will feature the achievements of Sera Masumi and it will also reveal the identity of the mysterious Okiya Subaru. Don’t miss out his final statement.

Also, the guest voice actors are the actor Fukushi Souta-san and Patrick Harlan-san from the comedy duo, Pack’n Mack’n. Both of them will be voicing the former American military officers, who appear in front of Conan and others that are investigating this case. On top of their acting skill, they will also need to speak in English, and this is also one of the highlights of this film.

Conan (voiced by Takayama Minami), Ran (voiced by Yamazaki Wakana), and others participated in the opening ceremony of Tokyo’s Bell Tree Tower that was just completed. On that day, the suspicious guy, Fujinami was sniped when he was pushing some inferior property to foreign couples on the observation deck. Conan suspected that the “Black Organization” was involved due to the accuracy from the long distance and started to chase after the sniper. He was then helped by Sera Masumi (voiced by Hidaka Noriko) and the FBI Investigator Jodie (voiced by Ichijou Miyuki) during a pinch, but the culprit has managed to escape.

Based on the various evidence, such as the dice, that was left on the sniping location, the FBI concluded that the culprit is Timothy Hunter (voiced by Nakai Kazuya), an ex-Navy SEALS and a talented sniper. After he got prosecuted and got all his badges confiscated as he shot a civilian in the battlefield, he got injured on a battlefield and begin to experience a harsh life.

After they found out the next 3 targets of Hunter are in Japan, the police started to cooperate with the FBI in the investigation.
Kevin Yoshino (voiced by Fukui Souta), who managed a military shop in Fussa claims that the sniper, who prosecuted Hunter, Waltz (voiced by Patrick Harlan), was framed by Hunter’s…

Then, Sera and Conan hurried to the house of Moriyama, one of Hunter’s targets, after they got ahold of his location. However, a new case happened when Moriyama was sniped in front of them, this caused the news to report the case as a “random spree sniping incident” and it has caused the public to panic. After that, another sniping incident happened, and the culprit ofto all this incident, Hunter was killed…!?

The broadcast date of “Detective Conan: The Sniper from Another Dimension” on Nippon TV affiliated “Kinyoubi Road Show” is at 9:00 PM, on April 16, 2021.

The nationwide released date for “Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet” is on April 16, 2021, on Toho affiliated theatres.

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