The 2nd collaboration between the TV anime “Detective Conan” and the game “OTHELLONIA” is being held from April 16, 2021. “‘Silver Bullet’ Conan & Akai (S+)” will be given upon login during the collaboration period.

For this 2nd collaboration of “Detective Conan”, the collaboration character “‘Silver Bullet’ Conan & Akai (S+)” and the stamp “Masaka… Kokomade toha na (No way…to think it will end here)” will be given to all players who login to “OTHERLLONIA” during the collaboration period

Also, in the “2nd Detective Conan Collaboration Commemoration Gacha”, 9 new “Detective Conan” collaboration characters, which consist of Super Rare S+ characters and A+ Character (Piece) of each element. The lineups include “‘Shinsou Kaimen (Elucidation of the Truth)’ Edogawa Conan (S+)”, “‘Tsujiru Omoi (Mutual Feelings)’ Kudou Shinichi & Mouri Ran (S+)”, and “‘Kouan Keisatsu (Public Security Bureau)’ Furuya Rei (S+)”.

Also, the “Detective Conan Collaboration Commemoration Gacha’s Ticket” can be obtained by login everyday during the collaboration period and it can be used for “Detective Conan Collaboration Commemoration Ticket Gacha”, where you can gacha for a maximum of 22 times for free.

The “Collaboration ’10+1′ Ticket” can be obtained from the battle arena event can be used in “2nd Detective Conan Collaboration Commemoration ’10+1′ Ticket Gacha”.

The 2nd collaboration of “Detective Conan” is being held from noon, on April 16 to 11:59 AM, on May 7, 2021, on “OTHELLIONIA” Detailed information is available on the designated website.

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