The release date of “The MovieFarewell, My Dear Cramer: First Touch” has been set for June 11. The second trailer and a new poster visual have also been released.

The original story of “Farewell, My Dear Cramer” is a “women’s soccer” manga written by Arakawa Naoshi known for “Your Lie in April”.
The main character is Onda Nozomi, a girl who has been playing soccer with boys since she was a child, but when she enters junior high school, she faces a big problem: “physique”.
This is a coming-of-age story that depicts a junior high school arc where she struggles in the boys’ soccer club, and a high school arc where she aims for the top of the women’s soccer world.
The TV anime “Farewell, My Dear Cramer,” which depicts the high school arc, has been broadcast since April 4, 2021.

The poster visual released this time is based on a newly drawn illustration by the original author, Arakawa Naoshi.
Besides Nozomi worrying about the physique in men’s soccer, and the scene where she challenges the official match, the insert song “Can you sing along?” sung by Kobayashi Aika has been released for the first time in the second trailer.

“The Movie Farewell, My Dear Cramer,” will be released on June 11, 2021.

(C) Arakawa Naoshi, Kodansha / 2021 “The Movie Farewell, My Dear Cramer” Production Committee