The latest issue of the anime information magazine “Otomedia”, “Otomedia SPRING 2021” was released on March 22.
“Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle” is being featured on the cover page and the head article, while “Hetalia World☆Stars” is featured on the double cover.

Bad Ass Temple from “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle” has hijacked the cover page, while the head article has gravure photos of Hayama Shouta (voice of Harai Kuko), Sakakihara Yuuki (voice of Aimono Jyushi), and Takeuchi Eiji (voice of Amaguni Hitoya) as well as an interview article.
The magazine also has comments from AFRO, the lyric writer of the new song “Kaigan”, and it comes with a poster and clear file featuring the beautiful illustration of the Nagoya division.

In the double cover, the familiar 3 people from “Hetalia World☆Stars” holding an Easter egg can be seen.
The interview with the director Watanabe Hiroshi and the character designer Oka Mariko can be seen along with the interview with Namikawa Daisuke (voice of Italy), Yasumoto Hiroki (voice of Germany), and Takahashi Hiroki (voice of Japan). It also has a pin-up of the illustration.

The theme of this issue is “Attracting Blooming Flower Festival”. Other than that, the magazine is filled with original illustrations and interview that is affiliated to spring and flowers.
The special price for “Otomedia SPRING 2021” is 1,291 JPY (tax excluded), and it is currently available at the stores.