Along with TV anime “DIGIMON ADVENTURE:” starts broadcast, new items, such as “Digivice” in modern design, are appeared.

Digivice is a key item that connects Digimon with the protagonist, Taichi Yagami. Redesigned from the original version, Digivice will appear again this time.
These goods will also update monsters and stages that appear according to the scenario of anime series. Also, moments of evolution effects and skill activation are reproduced by the emission and sound of the built-in LEDs.

Moreover, the “Digimon Card Game” from “DIGIMON ADVENTURE:” is also released.
The lineup of the starting decks is “Gaia Red”, “Cocutes Blue”, and “Heavens Yellow.” “Digimon Card Game Teaching App” for learning rule is also available.
In addition, Digimon's information program “DigiNavi” is also started. As guests, Sakamoto Chika as Agumon and Sanpei Yuko as Taichi Yagami will be discussing the highlights of Episode 1 and the card game.

The “Digivice:” is priced for 8800 yen (tax included), and pre-orders will be available from Jun. 2, 2020. The “Digimon Card Game Start Deck” is priced for 500 yen (tax excluded), and it will be on sale from Apr. 24, 2020.

(C) Hongo Akiyoshi, Fuji TV, Toei Animation (C) BANDAI