The new original anime “Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood” will be broadcast on NTV, hulu, Tatsunoko Production, Dentsu, and Bushiroad (hereinafter “Jouran’).
The production presentation was held in Meijiza on February 9, and was broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of “Jouran”.

Cast members, including Mimori Suzuko, Aoi Shouta, Raychell-san, Itou Ayasa, and Kobayashi Chikahiro, as well as BAKKEN RECORD animation producer Omatsu Hiroshi, Bushiroad Chairman Kidani Takaaki, and NTV announcer Itou Ryo were on stage as MCs.

In this report, we will convey the latest information, such as world view setting, music information, goods development, and other announced details.

PV debut!
The presentation started with the screening anime PV.

“On that day, when I lost everything…”

The PV, which begins with the narration of the main character “Yukimura Sakiha” played by Suzuko Mimori, a young girl staring at the “marauder” is projected behind the flames of Guren. And it becomes clear that is aiming for revenge.

The next scene was “Meiji 64”.
“Another Japan” where the Tokugawa Shogunate was not destroyed in the Meiji Restoration and Tokugawa Yoshinobu kept his power.
It developed as a glittering metropolis that fused modern science with the culture of the Meiji era.

A monorail-shaped vehicle in a high-rise building with a beautiful night view. And a frog-like wriggling monster…
It seems that each thought is intertwined and becomes a big “swell” to move the gear of fate in the intense action and human drama that unfold in a unique world.

The PV is currently available on the official “Jouran” YouTube channel.

[Broadcast/Streaming Information]
NTV April 6, 2021 ~ Every Wednesday 01:29 A.M.
BS Nippon Television April 7, 2021 ~ Every Wednesday 00:00 A.M.
CS Nippon Teleplus April 13, 2021 ~ Every Tuesday 00:30 A.M.
On Hulu all episodes will be one week in advance
* Overseas broadcast is also announced

A beautiful woman “Yukimura Sakiha” becomes the assassin of the dark organization “Nue”, which belonged to the Tokugawa government.
The next announcement was about the world view and the main characters.

This work is a story set in 1884, which was developed through science and the theory of Yin and Yang.
In this world, the battles between the dissident organization Kuchinawa, which aims to overthrow the government, and the dark organization “Nue”, which was entrusted with the extermination of Kuchinawa, unfold in the darkness of the city.

Mimori Suzuko plays Yukimura Saki, who has a double life of the owner of an antiquarian bookstore in daily life, but and is the assassin who belongs to Nue at night.
She belongs to the “blue-blooded clan” with special powers, but her parents were murdered by the Kuchinawa chief “Janome” when she was a kid, so now she becomes a revenger looking for a Janome.

According to Mimori-san, it was such a difficult role that she put every effort as if she had worn away her life, and at the end of the recording, she was always doubting, “Was it good?”

Tsukishiro Makoto, played by Aoi Shouta, is a beautiful woman dressed as a man. She is usually a bandoneon player, but she is also an assassin of Kuchinawa.

She is good at deceiving people and never shows her true intentions. Aoi-san commented that he was expected to understand Tsukishiro’s feelings because he often plays a female character. Her sense of mission was renewed.

Hanafu Elena, played by Raychell-san, is an assassin of “Nue” who is a well-known novelist and also a prostitute. She is an emotional, annoying, hedonist who is loyal to her desires.

Raychell-san’s first impression of Elena was just “sexy,” and she was wondering how she should act. She seems to be enjoying dubbing while receiving the advice of her performance.

Nakamura Asayo, played by Itou Ayasa, is a 7-year-old girl. Although Yukimura Sakiha killed her parents, she is an innocent child who is protected by Yukimura and lives with her. She is a solid person who handles both storekeeping and housework, and she is a unique person whose “world in which she lives” is different from the members of other assassins so far.
Itou-san explained that for that purpose director told her to be “innocent” one.

Hitoshi Kuzuhara, played by Chikahiro Kobayashi, is a person who “exists to protect Tokugawa Yoshinobu.” He is the chief of “Nue” and has darkness in himself, but according to Kobayashi-san, he will be spoiled if he thrusts further. It seems that every character has various things, and it is curious about the human drama around that.

Music & Goods information
The rock band “RAISE A SUILEN” of which Raychell is part of, is in charge of the opening theme song and ending theme. Both songs were written for “Joran” and have a sound that combines Japanese classic music and rock. Both normal and limited edition CD will be released on April 21. On March 24, an original soundtrack containing 41 songs will be released.

Moreover, a manga project is underway for “BookLive”.
Goods such as tin badges and face towels will be released after.

Furthermore, on March 27, will hold an “advanced screening & talk show event” where you can watch episodes 1 to 4 before the broadcast.
The lottery applications are being accepted at Bushiroad Music Passport.

And in the fall of 2021, the stage version of this work will also be performed at Meijiza! Please look forward to that as well.

This work, “Joran” is a profound drama that develops speedily.
Stay tuned for upcoming news!