The live streaming platform “TwitCasting” has announced the start of “TwitCasting Anime”, the anime broadcast service. The first anime is the TV anime “Show by Rock!! Mashumairesh!!” and the marathon will start from 7:00 PM, on March 12.

“TwitCasting” is the largest live streaming service in Japan with the concept of “A place where everyone’s favorite things come together”. Since the service first started in 2010, it had been liked by users for 11 years.

Regarding the anime in “TwitCasting”, the management company, Moi Corporation pointed out that “Among the various genres in the community, such as chitchatting, game reviewing, and talking while singing or playing instruments, the ‘anime’ contents that help to connect users of mutual interest also existed in the culture of TwitCasting as well. “.
Followed by the explanation of the establishment of “TwitCasting Anime”, “Not only do we want to provide a place where you can just talked about an anime, but we also wanted to implement a new culture where you can enjoy the anime while commenting about it with everyone.”

“TwitCasting Anime” is being streamed by the official account of “TwitCasting” and it can be watched for free by everyone.
Regarding the future development of “TwitCasting Anime”, Moi commented, “By using the uniqueness of TwitCasting, which is ease of service and familiarity, we wanted to create a comfortable space where everyone can participate in watching the future various anime contents together in real-time.”

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