Marking the 25th anniversary of the tokusatsu drama “Ultrama Tiga”, Ultraman Tiga becomes a figure from “S.H. Figuarts”. The main actor Nagano Hiroshi (V6) reencounters Tiga for the first time after 25 years through the special web movie and interview.

A total of 52 episodes of “Ultraman Tiga” , a the tokusatsu drama which was broadcast from Sept. 7, 1996, to Aug. 30, 1997, and received 29th “Seiun Award” for movies and media category in 1998 for the first time as a Japanese tokusatsu TV drama.
Nagano Hiroshi (V6) played the protagonist Madoka Daigo and he was the first tokusatsu drama hero from Johnny’s Office.

“S.H. Figuarts (Shinkocchou Seihou) Ultraman Tiga” uses “shinkocchou method”, a new method that seeks for existence and mobility as a hero, used a scan from a suit actor Gondou Shunsuke. With this method, the figure is now produced with full commitment to structure, mobility, production, and even coloring.

This product “S.H. Figuarts (Shinkocchou Seihou) Ultraman Tiga” is priced at 6,600 JPY (tax included). Pre-order begins from Mar. 8, 2021, and the shipping is scheduled for Jul.
In advance of the pre-order, the special web movie including the reencounter of Tiga and Nagano after 25 years of departure is now available, and the TV commercial with Nagano begins from Mar. 6.

<Full comments are listed below>
-Please tell me what you felt when you saw Tiga.

It was nostalgic and happy to see the realistic Tiga figure again. Moreover, I was honored to meet the suit actor Gondou-san, who becomes the model for this figure.

-I believe you were talking with Gondou-san when changing the sets during filming.

He and I talked about Munakata member, and he said, “I sent an email to Munakata member that I am with me (Nagano)”. I glad to hear that. I often saw it at the filming studio.

-What did you feel when you touched the figure for the first time?

Although this figure is in this size, this figure is nice and heavy. Also, this figure uses several materials to make it realistic, and I was moved by a wrinkle at the stomach and even a curve made when you hold your arms up. Everything is used to make it realistic at much as possible. Everything including mobility is improving every day. I still feel like meeting real Tiga.

-I believe you were changing the pose of Tiga pretty often.

This figure is so nicely made that any pose from a flying motion to Zepelion Beam, although those types of motions often have troubles recreating with other figures.

-There was a scene cut in the TV ads which recreated the actual story.

I believe that was the final episode. Usually, one episode is one complete story, but last story was continued for longer as I remember..
In the final episode, when Tiga was almost at defeat and about to lose light, everyone’s power of light flows into Tiga, and Tiga had victory over the battle. For me, that episode was relatable because the voices of fans will become a motivation for me to work hard.

-Please tell me your memory during the filming session of Ultraman Tiga.

I owned 3 sets of suits for both summer and winter because there was no summer suit, and filming continues for entire year. The first set was too small for me so I made the request to have new one. The another set was dumped into the winter river during the filming, and since I need to wear a wetsuit inside, I ordered a larger size.

The suit was in Doshi river during winter. The filming session took place in the mountain and we used the laser pointer to imagine the locations of Tiga’s statue and the location of monster. The helmet was also too large that my head was shaken I looked back.

I believe it was episode 2 when director Muraishi and I created the changing posture. The changing posture is so important hoping that later the fans will manipulate it. The changing posture was incomplete until that moment! The decision was made in approximately 5 minutes, when I made the proposal, “how about this?” and the director replied, “let’s go with that”. That is the changing posture of Tiga that we known today.

-The opening theme song was “TAKE ME HIGHER”.

It was rare to keep listening the same theme song for entire year, and it was happy to see the cd jacket in Ultraman Tiga version.

-What had changed before and after playing Ultraman Tiga?
I feel how the children see me changed, because I play the hero. I sometimes receive “Daigo” calls from family seats during the concert.

Moreover, a member of V6 (the idol group Nagano belongs to) once said to me it is great to have a hero in the same group, because he watched other Ultraman show when he was young.