Bags and clothes will be released as the 2nd lineup from the “Ultraman” inspired workwear brand “ULTRAMAN”. The items will be available from March 17, 2021.

The “ULTRAMAN” series is a new workwear brand that portrays the world and the strength of “Ultraman” through the technology of Koushin Rubber.
Not only are they fashionable but also are made with a water repellent finish and waterproof fabric, and have an abundant number of pockets to store tools in.

The 2nd lineup includes the “UT-08 UV Pocketable Parka” which is light and compact, the “UT-09 Box Backpack” which is waterproof so an excellent choice for both commuting and outdoor activities, the “UT-10 Backpack” which is very versatile, and the “UT011 Body Bag” which is useful in your daily life.

Each item will be available from March 17. Check out the “ULTRAMAN” brand page for further details.