Amuro Ray and Char Aznabul from “Mobile Suit Gundam” make the cover of the March 2021 issue of “Showa 50-nen Otoko”, a magazine specifically aimed for men born in Showa 50 (1975).
The special feature article in this issue covers “rivals” in many areas, such as Amuro & Char, “CoroCoro Comic” & “Comic BomBom”, and “Dragon Quest” & Final Fantasy”.

The articles on “Showa 50-nen Otoko” cover themes specifically aimed for men born in Showa 50 (1975). The age-specific magazine is published every other month on even months, and each issue has a special feature article of over 100 pages, covering a single theme.

The theme of the feature article in the latest volume, March 2021 issue (vol. 009), is “Oretachi ga Mitometa Koutekishu (TWO TOP)”. (The rivals we approve)
Based on the idea that “the Showa 50-nen Otoko generation has been influenced by many trends since a child, but there aren’t many ‘matchless leaders’, and instead, were fascinated by ‘top duos’, either partners or rivals,” and covers various “rivals”, including fictional characters, actual people, companies, and products.

Appearing on the cover are Amuro Ray and Char Aznable from the 1988 anime film “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counter Attack”.
Starting with the “eternal rivals” of the “Gundam” series, the article breaks down the fascination of the “best two” of various content and genre such as “CoroCoro Comic” & “Comic BomBom”, “Dragon Quest” & Final Fantasy”, “Mario” & “Sonic”, and “Godzilla” & “Gamera”.

Showa 50-nen Otoko” March 2021 issue (vol. 009) is priced at 780 JPY (tax included) and released on February 10.

(C) Sotsu, Sunrise