The latest original IP “Shinsengumi Chuboroku” produced by Bandai Namco Pictures with the brand-new theme of “Food X Time Travel X Shinsengumi” has started on January 12, 2021. It is a project that focuses as the light novel while having a manga and anime adaptation in the future.

“Shinsengumi Chuboroku” is a youth crowd story featuring the Shinsengumi and its members that are loved by everyone from all generations with the brand-new them of “Food X Time Travel X Shinsengumi”.
The high school student Inaba Izumi possessed professional cooking abilities. After certain things happened, he traveled back in time to the Bakumatsu period and was invited to join the Shinsengumi as a chef after his cooking ability caught the attention of Hijikata, who he encountered in Kyoto.

The light novel has started on January 12 and is being published by “Yatate Bunko” managed by Sunrise. The author is SOW, known for his role as the game scenario creator of “Grimm Notes” and as the author of the light novel “Samurai X”. The character design is handled by Satou Masatsugu known for his character design of “Expelled from Paradise” and “CYBORG009 CALL OF JUSTICE”

The manga adaptation of “Shinsengumi Chuboroku” will start on “Shounen Ace” April 2021 Issue (will be released on February 26) and the anime adaptation is planned. This will surely hype up the expectation toward the brand-new Shinsengumi that is depicted by Bandai Namco Pictures and famous creators.