The outline and preceding cut-scenes of episode 4 “Legendary Super Builder Otacross” of “LBX Girls”, which was broadcast on January 28, 2021 (Thursday), have been released.

“LBX Girls” is based on the RPG game “LBX Girls” by Level-5 and DMM GAMES.
The five “Souko Musume”, the chosen ones to transfer from another world, are deprived of their daily lives and wear tactical weapons called “LBX units” on their limbs. They were given the mission to clean up and eradicate Mimesis, a metallic life form that continues to consume and multiply across multiple worlds.
The forced mercenary life after transcending time is a life-threatening school trip to glimpse the “hope” and “despair” of the world…

In episode 4, the squadron consisting of Riko and others are heading toward Kyoto after receiving an SOS message. A strange odor can be smelt in the armored caravan that the 5 rode, who were tired due to the continuous fight with the Mimesis without any bath, after getting caught in the infinity loop caused by the time distortion.

Just when the ration of the girls is almost gone, a strange, energetic old man appears out of nowhere. After Riko and others run away from him as he was suspicious, they found out that he is the legendary hacker as well as the genius LBX builder, Otacross.

Episode 4 “Legendary Super Builder Otacross” of “LBX Girls” has been broadcast at 00:00 AM, on January 28, 2021(Thursday), on TOKYO MX and other channels.

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