From the TV anime “Souko Musume Senki”, the synopsis and advance cut of the 3rd episode “Gotemba Siege” aired on January 20 (Wed), 2021 has been released.

The original story of “Souko Musume Senki” is the RPG “Souko Musume Miserem Crisis” by Level-5 and DMM Games.
The five girls, “Souko Musume,” who are chosen to transfer to other worlds and are deprived of their daily lives and wear tactical weapons called “LBX units” on their limbs, have been given the mission to clean up and eradicate Mimesis, a metallic life form that continues to consume and multiply across multiple worlds.
Their life as a mercenary, forced to transcend time and space, is a life-threatening school trip to glimpse the “hope” and “despair” of the world. ……

In the third episode, Riko’s debut as a sniper is a disaster as she struggles against the fury of the large Mimesis “Spider”.
However, Suzuno’s analysis of the situation leads him to devise a plan that will save the day. The parts of the LBX Master Command left behind by Sayaka, the late armored girl, made it possible for her to carry out this plan, which was impossible with her current firepower.

However, the young person who had strengthened and customized the parts that Sayaka had left behind wanted to confront the spider himself. He mourns Sayaka more than anyone else, but he questions and resents the way the area people are relying on the armored girl and not doing anything about it, and he is waiting for the opportunity to avenge himself.

The third episode of “Souko Musume Senki”, “Gotemba Siege and Defense Battle”, aired on January 20, 2021 at 00:00 am on TOKYO MX and other stations.

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