The trailer for “Anxious Body,” a new work by internationally acclaimed animator Mizushiri Yoriko, has been released.

“Anxious Body” is the latest short animation by Mizushiri Yoriko, an internationally acclaimed animator from Towada City, Aomori Prefecture, whose style emphasizes on sensation through body parts and familiar objects as motifs.
By combining a rounded body with everyday motifs that seem to threaten it, Mizushiri-san deepens her style and attempts to depict “physical sensation itself”.

This film features music by Honda Yuka, who Mizushiri-san has been a fan of for many years. The film was commissioned by the Towada Museum of Contemporary Art, and as an international co-production between Japan (New Dear) and France (MIYU Production), Mizushiri-san is also aiming to develop the film at international film festivals.

“Anxious Body” is scheduled to premiere at international film festivals abroad in 2021. In Japan, “Anxious Body” will premiere during the third phase of the “Inter + Play” exhibition (January 22 – May 29, 2022) at the Towada Museum of Contemporary Art.

Mizushiri Yoriko (Director of this work)
“Anxious Body” is an animation work in which various “shapes” are mixed together using physical sensation as a filter. I have made tactile animations in the past, but I wanted to explore a new stage in my work. A tactile animation needs sounds that will generously accept and reflect it. I like Honda-san’s music and listen to it often, and I thought that the unique music expressed with various instruments and the charm of her own appearance would be a good match for this animation. As I created the animation, I felt a strong sense of fun as the pictures and sounds intertwined with each other.

Honda Yuka (Music)
It was about two years ago that I happened to come across Mizushiri-san’s work. While I was in Japan, my friend and admired musician Oyamada Keigo (Cornelius) invited me to his “Audio Architecture” exhibition. Her work, which was projected on a large, high-performance screen at the exhibition, was very organic, full of feminine touches, but also very elegant and coquettish in its movements, which resonated with me and left a great impression. That’s why I am very happy to be able to collaborate with her this time.