The first official photo album of Mitaka Forest’s Ghibli Art Museum, “Ghibli Art Museum Stories” will be on sales. Pre-orders can be made at Amazon and it will be released on Mar. 20, 2002.

This photo album contains photo of the interior of the Mitaka Forest’s Ghibli Art Museum where photography aren’t normally allowed. The photo was taken by Kanyada, who is living in Thailand, with his iPhone.

As the theme is “The perception of an adult who forgotten his childhood”, it is an album that contained the unknown “appearance of the Ghibli Art Museum” that can’t be seen without squatting down and looking.

As it full of expectation of discovering something new as if the childhood had returned,and there are even expressions which had surprised the Ghibli staffs who have been working there for a long time.

Furthermore, at the end of the album, there is a more than 1500 words introduction from Nakajima Kiyofumi-shi, the president of Studio Ghibli and 2nd caretaker of Mitaka Forest’s Ghibli Art Museum, and an “afterword” from Suzuki Toshio-shi.

“Ghibli Art Museum Stories” is priced at 3,800 JPY (tax excluded). It can now be pre-ordered at Amazon and there will be a limited sales of 200 copies that come with the “original postcard”. The release date will be Mar. 20, 2020.

(C)Museo d’Arte Ghibli
(C)Studio Ghibli
Photo by Kanyada