The voting of the “Anime Fan Award” under “Anime of the Year Category” of the international animation movie festival “Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2021” (To be held on March 12 – March 15, 2021) has been started from noon, January 6, 2021.

“Anime Fan Award” under “Anime of the Year Category” of “Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2021” (known as TAAF2021) is a project to determine the top of the 457 works that were broadcasted/ screened in 2020 (October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020).

The “Best 100 chosen by everyone” (consists of 100 works; 80 TV works and 20 movies) that was chosen by fans, will be voted again by the fans and this will decide the winner of the “Anime Fan Award” that was loved by most of the fans in 2002.

The previous winners are “Danball Senki Wars” (TAAF2014), “Tiger & Bunny: The Rising” (TAAF2015), “Gintama” (TAAF2016)”, “Yuri!!! on ICE” (TAAF2017), “Yuri!!! on ICE” (TAAF2018), “BANANA FISH”(TAAF2019)”, and “Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love Kingdom, The Movie” (TAAF2020).

Do look forward to winner of “Anime Fan Award”.
Detailed information is available on “TAAF2021” official website.

[Article from Anime! Anime! Biz/]