From “Evangelion”, “Eva’s New Year’s” will be held at Toei Uzumasa Movie Village. In the new attraction, “Evangelion Kyoto Base”, a giant votive picture with an original illustration about 3 meters high and 5 meters wide will be displayed, and various events will be held.

In the “Eva’s New Year’s” event, a giant votive picture with a height of about 3 meters and a width of about 5 meters will be displayed from New Year’s Day, with a motif of the Chinese zodiac sign of the ox and a newly drawn illustration of five characters from Evangelion (from left to right, Kaworu, Rei, Shinji, Asuka, and Mari), wishing for good health and good luck in the New Year.

To celebrate the New Year, “Yuru-Shito” and “Kachintalion” will come to the shrine and serve sweet sake made from rice koji to the first 100 people.
In addition, “Evatchi,” a collaboration of the toy “Tamagotchi” and Evangelion, will be on special sale, and many new goods with original illustrations will also be available. Also, the opening period of the stamp rally has been extended.

Toei Uzumasa Film Village “Eva’s New Year” will be held from January 1, 2021.

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