The bag series under the brand “A.T.FIELD”, based on the image of “AT field” that appeared in “Evangelion”, is now available for pre-order on the “Village Vanguard” online store.

“A.T.FIELD” is a work brand that transforms the protective image of “AT field” to neutralize physical impact into product functions such as protection, cold protection, waterproofing, and impact resistance.
This time, at “Village Vanguard” online store, three types of bags of the same brand are available.

“Organized 2way shoulder pouch” can be transformed into a shoulder pouch by adjusting the length of the removable belt. The point is that you can glimpse the “absolute defense” embroidery on the bottom.
The “Organized Tote Bag” is a large-capacity bag with a width of 41 cm, a length of 34.5 cm, and a depth of 18.5 cm, made of solid fabric.
The “Organized Duffel Bag” has a large mouth that makes it easy to put things in, and also be taken out from the side zipper, and also has the logo of the special agency “NERV”.

“A.T.FIELD Organized 2way Shoulder Pouch” is priced at 5,390 JPY (tax included), “A.T.FIELD Organized Tote Bag” at 7,590 JPY (tax included), and “A.T.FIELD Organized Duffle Bag” at 6,490 JPY (tax included). Each item is available in three colors, black, camouflage, and white, and is available for pre-order on the “Village Vanguard” online store.

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