The first-week audience novelty for “Gintama THE FINAL” (Will be released on January 8, 2021) has been announced on December 8, 2020. It will be “Tanjirou & Hashira Illustration Card” that is drawn by the original author Sorachi Hideaki. After seeing this announcement, various related words, including “Sasuga Gintama (As expected of Gintama)” and “Tanjirou and Hashira”, have become a trend on Twitter.

“Gintama THE FINAL” is the latest installment to the anime “Gintama” that is famous for the “endless ending fraud” and this will be the 3rd movie as well as the last one for this animation series that has continued for 15 years.
The latest trailer with the insert song by DOES was released along with the announcement of the first-week audience novelty.

The novelty is “Tanjirou & Hashira Illustration Card”, which are the characters from the current screening big hit movie “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” drawn by Sorachi-sensei…

After seeing this announcement, the usual “Gintama”-like has become a boom in the trend with user tweeting “Gintama is so amazing… Instead of following the trend… it more like they want the trend to carry them. As expected of Sorachi-sensei”, “It is as expected of Gintama and Sorachi-sensei to make us want to say ‘As expected of Gintama’ as the audience novelty is an illustration card of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (haha)”, “To think that the Gintama’s novelty is an original illustration of Tanjirou and Hashira, I really love Gintama wwww”, “This is why I can’t stop loving Gintama w”, etc.
* w = haha

Also, as the visual for the novelty has yet to be revealed at this moment, several speculation is being spread, such as “As expected of! Gintama! w I have a feeling there will be some connection between “Hashira” and “Katsura” as well as Kamado Tanjirou didn’t say this…”, ” I have a feeling there will be a moment about ‘It’s not Hashira, it’s Katsura'”, “If ‘It’s not Hashira! It’s Katsura!’ was written on Gintama’s novelty, I will laugh out loud”, and “My speculation will be on the “Hashira” such as ・Sorachi-sensei’s illustration of Tanjirou and Hashira (normal) ・Tanjirou and It’s not Hashira, it’s Katsura (the usual) ・Tanjirou and Aogaku no Hashira (It would be nice if it Prince of Tennis) ・Tanjirou and the actual Pillar (wood-based) “.

“Gintama THE FINAL” will be released on January 8, 2021.
Let’s wait and see how “Tanjirou & Hashira Illustration Card” will turn out… Please look forward to the movie as well.