The “Detective Conan Official App”, which is filled with all the information of “Detective Conan”, will have a “Dress Episode Special Article” for a limited time period. Various episodes that feature the characters in dress, including party dress or dress for the school festival, will be featured.

The selected episode is “The Desperate Revival ‘The Third Choice and The Black Knight'” that is included in volume 26 of the manga. Conan was sure that his true identity was exposed to Ran due to her attitude and action. While wondering whether to tell her the truth, the school festival at Ran’s high school has started. The stage performance had started while Conan and the others are watching over it. The performance progressed and when it approached the mid of the story, a scream was heard in the midst of the silence. It seems that a guy, who bought a drink before the performance, suddenly collapses in pain. While Kogoro and Heiji, who bumped into each other, were investigating the incident, a black knight took off his mask slowly with a mysterious smile…

This episode is currently available on “‘Anime’ Detective Conan Official” YouTube channel.

The other lineup is “The Desperate Revival ‘Shinichi’s Return and The Promised Place'”, which depicts an incident that happened when Shinichi decided to tell Ran something important, “The Alibi of the Black Dress”, “The Guardian of Time’s Sword”, and the appearance episode of the famous character Amuro Tooru “Wedding Eve”.

“Dress Episode Special Article” will be held in “Detective Conan Official App” for a limited time until December 24, 2020.

(c) Aoyama Gosho/Shogakukan (c)CYBIRD