The wristwatches inspired by Eren, Levi, and Mikasa from “Attack on Titan” have been announced. Pre-orders are currently available on “GARRACK OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE”.

The items are wristwatches with the motif of Paradis Island, the setting of “Attack on Titan”. The 3 walls (Wall Maria, Rose, and Sina) and the night moon that stop the activities of the titans are expressed via the 4 calendars (a moon phase that shows the day, day of the week, month, and age of the moon).

The belt is inspired by color of the jacket of the Survey Corps with the representative color of each character, and it has an endurable quality and design for adults. Mikasa model has the red color that is the same as her muffler, Eren model has the blue that reminds of the scene when he first saw the sea, and Levi model has the representative color of the Survey Corps.

Pre-orders for “GARRACK Attack on Titan” collaboration watches are currently available on “GARRACK OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE” until December 14, 2020. The shipping is scheduled for early May 2021.

(C)Isayama Hajime, Kodansha/ “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Production Committee