The cast members, main visual, and the character design of “Uta no Oniisan” (a character who sings in kids’ shows, played by a young man), from the “2.85D” educational program parody, “Utatte Nikorin”, have been revealed.

“Utatte Nikorin” is a parody show project based on educational programs.
The main character, “Uta no Oniisan” appears in both 2D and 3D, and the 3D character will be played by an actor. The 2D character is designed by illustrator, Natsuko, and will be active in “2.85D”, making the character even more familiar than in “2.5D”.

There will also be a streaming of a documentary-style drama, “Utatte Nikorin ~Road to STAR~”, which will reveal the true sides of the characters. The show will let us enjoy not only their public face in the educational program parody show but also their true personality and struggles they face behind the scenes, which we usually can’t see.

In this announcement, the cast members of “Utatte Nikorin” have been revealed.
The 3D “Uta no Oniisans” are Wagou Shinichi as Karuna Senji, Kizu Tsubasa as Shiranui Tamaki, Sana Hiroki as Minase Rei, Katou Shou as Kisaka Juri, and Jinnai Shou as Atago Kintarou.
Other cast members are Tsuruno Takeshi as “Legend Oniisan”, who used to be a superstar, Tokuyama Hidenori as Tsukushi, the “Mysterious Man”, and Saitou Ayaka will be voicing the mascot character, Kurio.

“Utatte Nikorin” will be streamed on YouTube from December 2020. Check out the official website for further information.

<Full comments are as below>
Wagou Shinichi as Karuna Senji

I’ve become an “Uta no Oniisan”!
This work is full of challenges. It is the first 2.85D work, features a new style of nursery rhymes with dynamic arrangements, and draws the viewers in through drama. I will do my best with my merry companions to createt a show that is loved by many people, just like the kids’ shows back in the day.

Kizu Tsuabasa as Shiranui Tamaki

I’m Kizu Tsubasa, and I will be playing Shiranui Tamaki. I’m thrilled to be able to witness the challenge of the new stage of 2.85D with you all, but at the same time, I’m filled with worries and anticipation. I believe “Utatte Nikorin” is a work that will bring hope to everyone. With the accompany of the wonderful performers, we’ve created a heartwarming, cute yet passionate show!

Sana Hiroki as Minase Rei

When I was offered the role, I thought it sounded innovative and exciting! I was happy to become an “Uta no Oniisan”, who I used to watch as a child, and there will be nostalgic nursery rhymes in the show, so I think everyone of all ages will enjoy it!
The best part of the show is that you can see how the Uta no Oniisans are behind the scenes. I hope you will enjoy it!

Katou Shou as Kisaka Juri

You probably didn’t know what UtaNiko is, right? I was the same! Try watching the first few episodes and you will be hooked! We will devote ourselves to having fun and singing along with the kids and will be troubled by serious problems. This is a story of amazing human drama. Please enjoy Utatte Nikorin!

Jinnai Shou as Atago Kintarou

The Uta no Oniisan of each day of the week is unique in itstheir own way, so I think you will enjoy the singing section of the show! And the drama part develops with those unique characters getting involved with each other. Please look forward to seeing the drama woven by the characters completely different from each other.

Tsuruno Takeshi as Legend Oniisan/Ginga Hikari

Though the shoot was short, I really appreciated the opportunity to get to know younger actors! I want everyone to enjoy the YouTube streaming, but this is only the first step. Live concerts, musical production, etc. There’s so much more potential to this work than just streaming!
Thank you for giving me a dream! I will do my best as the Legend Oniisan, and I would appreciate your support for UtaNiko!

Tokuyama Hidenori as Mysterious Man/Tsukushi

I think “Uta no Oniisan” is something that can be enjoyed by anyone from adults to children.
To shine light on them was mindblowing. 2.85D makes a lot of sense. Each character has such a strong personality! And even I was surprised by the costumes of the performers. I believe the best part of the show is the smiles on the children, so I hope you enjoy it with your family.

Saitou Ayaka as the voice of Kurio
The show is packed with the charm of each character, drawn out to its full potential, along with moments where you can see their personality, actions, and emotions, to stand by everyone’s daily “nikoniko” (smiles).
This show was created in a limited amount of time, with the support of the many staff members and each of the professionals. I hope it will make everyone’s lives a bit more fun, and will do my best with the wonderful Oniisans to put a big smile on your face!

(C) UTANIKO 2020