From “Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone” (currently on release), a special video depicting passionate bonds of 3 generations of Pretty Cure and a scene from the movie with Super Grace have been released.

“Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone” is a story of Pretty Cures from three generations of the “Pretty Cure” series: “Healin’ Good Pretty Cure”, “Star Twinkle Pretty Cure”, and “Hugtto! Precure!”, standing up to save Miraclun, the spirit of “Tomorrow”, from the enemy, Refrain, the spirit of “Yesterday”, who is trying to repeat “Yesterday” forever.

In the special video released this time, Sena Hikaru encourages Hanadera Nodoka, saying, “It’s going to be okay, you should believe in yourself” at the beginning. And the powerful yell of Cure Yell, “Go! Grace!”, Depicts Cure Grace standing up to protect Miraclun, believing in herself. The result is a video where “Star Twinkle,” “HUG,” and “Healin” becomes the one.

In addition, a scene from the film where Super Grace is flying in the sky was also released. Cure Grace, who received strong feelings from the three generations of Pretty Cure, has transformed into Super Grace. And the scene where Super Grace holds the movie’s original Element Bottle was also released at the same time.

“Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone” is being released at cinema nationwide from October 31.

(C) 2020 Pretty Cure Miracle Leap Production Committee