“Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone”, the latest movie of the “Pretty Cure” series, will be released nationwide from October 31 after being postponed twice.
Prior to this, an event that was held prior to the release was held on October 24, “Healin’Good PreCure”, and Yuuki Aoi as Hanadera Nodoka/Cure Grace, / Naruse Eimi as Sena Hikaru/Cure Star from “Star Twinkle PreCure”, and Mizuki Nana as Hikisaka Rie/Cure Yell from “HUG! “Pretty Cure”, appeared on the stage.

After being postponed twice, the movie will be finally released in a week, and Yuuki commented this, “Finally, it will be released to everyone, and I feel that the time I have been waiting for has come. We are all about to celebrate October 31st with happy vibes, congratulating each other. Since I was at the recording sessions, I wanted to see the full movie as soon as possible, so I felt happy because I was looking forward to it for a long time.”

Naruse said, “This movie has been postponed so many times but miracles happen and it connects to the content of the movie.” “Defeat the ‘enemy of postponing the release’ and move forward! To the future! I feel an emotional miracle because it is linked to our feelings as we move forward.”

Hikisaka happily replied, “I’m really happy that the movie is being released. Above all, we and the staff worked hard on this movie to make fans of “Pretty Cure” happy, so I’m full of joy to finally release it!”

Also three of them were holding Miraclun lights, a support item created by Miraclun, the spirit who represents “Tomorrow”, which is the original character for this movie.
Yuuki explained how to use a Miraclun light, “This time, in order to attend the event more safely, in some theaters that support you can’t speak out load, and in some theaters you can’t shake it in the air, but you can take it home. I hope you will love it.”

In addition, since there are scenes in which the three generations of PreCure series, “Healin”, “Star Twinkle”, and “HUG PreCure” fight together as a team, the topic of dubbing performed by multiple people also come up.
Yuuki said, “I feel love to “PreCure” from Hikisaka-san and Naruse-san during the scene, and especially the happy aura of Naruse-san was amazing. When you are able to work positively (dubbing), it creates a place where everyone is loved, while seniors are leading to teamwork.” Naruse replied about the work of 3 generations together, “The good thing about ‘PreCure’ is that it inherits good things, so I think it’s a work that embodies that.”

In addition to this, at an event that prevenient the release, Maeda Yuta and Takagishi Hiroyuki from the comedy duo Timon D, who were appointed as “Pretty Cure Support Captain”, appeared in their original “Pretty Cure style” and send a support message.
In the end, Yuuki greeted the voice actresses from “Healin”, “Star Twinkle”, and “HUG Puri”, “I’m really sorry to have kept you waiting. We are finally looking forward to the release. It is a work that connects the splendor of tomorrow and the kindness of the past. But because we live now, the release of this work has deeper meanings. It’s so wonderful parents, who will come with their children, and adult friends will see it now, remember the future (this work), and absolutely remember that there was something really warm. It’s one movie, so I’d be happy if you could make a memory of 2020 and watch a wonderful movie at the movie theater. We made it with everyone’s support, and we put all our hearts into this movie, so we are waiting for you at the cinema!”

With a hot message about this work finally being released, the curtain of the event that prevenient the release has come down.

“Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone” will be a national roadshow from October 31.

(C) 2020 Pretty Cure Miracle Leap Production Committee