“Pokémon Illumination” will consist of various events, including “Pikachu Pika Pika Illumination Show” and it will be held in Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest from November 14, 2020.

“Pokémon Illumination” will recreate colorfully the world of the various wild Pokémon’s on the resourceful mountain area of “Sagamiko Resort”, including the forest, grassland, and lake.
It will consist of many areas, such as “Pikachu’s Forest of Light”, which is the forest of light that Pikachu lived in, “Pokémon Street” where photography of Charmander who is staying warm from the campfire while sleeping and the Pokémon who are eating the curry while enjoying the camp.

In the amusement event, “Pikachu Pika Pika Illumination Show”, Pikachus will perform a special illumination show and you will be given the precious opportunity to take photos with them in the forest of light during the photography session.

Also, a novelty will be given upon purchase from the foods and drinks of the limited menu in the restaurant.

“Pokémon Illumination” will be held at the illumination event of “Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest”, called “Sagamiko Illumination” from November 14.

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