Director Kamiyama Kenji, who is known for “Ghost in the Shell S.A.C” and “Eden of the East”, announced the production of his new original animation series to celebrate WOWOW’s 30th anniversary after its opening. He commented that he is currently writing the script.

Director Kamiyama is one of the leading directors who is well known for “Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.”, “Eden of the East” and other works with neatly planned scenarios and realistic animations with new technology.

This time, he paired up with WOWOW, which is scheduling its 30th anniversary on Apr. 2021, to produce a completely new original animation series.
The tile of the anime has not yet been revealed, but the Crafter, the animation studio known for “The Relative World” and “The Case of Hana & Alice”, will be in charge and the theme of the anime is “teenage social crime adventure”.

Director and script writer: Kamiyama Kenji
2020 was the year of the great change in my long-planned ideas, the scenes I have met, and the lives of the people.

From experience from those changes, I am currently writing the script while accepting new ideas. The production process is about to begin.
Staff and I will sophisticate the ideas together.

Because of a wonderful encounter, this animation will be the anniversary animation for the opening of WOWOW.
Please look forward to the completion of this anime.